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I have a client who is currently utilizing outlook 2007 for all of his business contacts. He is currently syncing to his droid (using google as his email provider). He wants to integrate his outlook into a Customer managment system where he can track leads and keep history of his communications with customers as they move from prospect to sales. Finally he wants that system to integrate with quickbooks.

The idea is to limit data entry and have it flow and sync between the three on its own. He has the BCM add on for outlook, but it looks like synching it to his droid is a pain.

Any suggestions would be helpfull. thank you.
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Natively, QuickBooks provides its own Customer Management system that it uses for Billing and Payments. It can email invoices and other items and uses Outlook only to actually send the email. This does not synchronize in any way with Outlook or any other like tool.

You could go to and look for (paid) applications that might do this.  Here are a couple of examples of a brief search:

This is the way I would approach it, as it does not exist natively.

One the second question (syncing BCM with Android), I must leave that to another person to answer.

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