ip address allocator/tracking database

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Hi all,

As IT administrators we have all got that excel spreadsheet/word document/piece of paper with a list of current static ip addresses for our switches, servers and static clients.

So moving from those solutions - is there a simple access database or web page that does this instead? Im looking for a real simple solution.

Bascailly it will know all the ip address (from me inputing it all) and then we an IT person requires an IP address at a remote site, it will show the next available and they have the option to enter the computer name and additonal details....

Maybe some one has built one they would like to share? Thank you
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Have a look at Solarwinds with their Orion IP Manager which is commercial application. There's also a free IP Address tracker, which should be able to do some basic IP management.
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Have you looked at IPPlan (http://iptrack.sourceforge.net/) ? Open Source, with IPv6 support and multi-client ability ...


None really do what i want to do - i just want a stepup from a spreadsheet - ill probably end up making my own access database
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Then in a table, do something like this:
Table Name: tblIPAddresses:
ipaID (PK)
ipaAssigned (Yes/No)

Then you can make a query like this to show all the un-assiged IP addresses:
SELECT ipaAddress
FROM tblIPAddresses
WHERE ipaAssigned =False

Now, you can go further and create a junction table to assign IP to devices/users, but this should be addressed (no pun intended) in a separate question.

Try ManageEngine OpUtils.  There is a free and trial version.
Lots of capabilities that I've not seen duplicated and packaged this way.
Good capability to export to spreadsheets if that's what you finally must do but this does most everything I've wanted.

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