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Wamp server is not working..

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        Morning when i installed Zend server to my system, it showed me port 80 was occupied and asked me other port and i gave 8080 and i have installed it . now the problem is my Wamp server is not working. i think it is because of Zend which i installed in morning . how to solve it?
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Plzz somebody answer my question it urgent problem..
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I would save all of your page files to a separate directory outside of WAMP.  Then I would uninstall both WAMP and ZEND and delete all the files in that directory.  Then reboot and reinstall WAMP.  I don't know what you can do with ZEND, never used it.


reinstall zend and wamp server is already done and nothing works the problem which i found is port both works in port 80 and 8080 so, plz tell me how to solve tat..


Dear Experts,
                       I have found that the problem is because of port number 80. it is occupied by Apache server . and zend and wamp both works in same port so clash occurred . Changing port number also not working. Tats the problem which i need support.