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we are creating a new AD for our business. We've got 6 units which are independant.

All users profile and home directory should be under the same share as many user are roaming.
But of course user folder should only be managed by the IT of their attached unit.
If everyone is in the same folder, any IT should do anything on any folder and we don't want that.
So I was thinking about creating 6 folders on the server, share them as xx$ and create a DFS on which I will map those folder.
I've made a test last night but I can only see 1 folder in stead of 6.
Are folders in a DFS must be on different server ?
I also if possible get some feedback about my method to manage this. Perhaps there is a more usefull way to do it.

In the same way, I want to have a global print server and split management by units but I don't see how to do this (if it's possible)

Many Many thks in advance.
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I would break up the DFS namespace to be something like

\\domain.local\dfs\unit1 ->> \\server1\unit1$
\\domain.local\dfs\unit2 ->> \\server1\unit2$
\\domain.local\dfs\unit3 ->> \\server1\unit3$
\\domain.local\dfs\unit4 ->> \\server1\unit4$
\\domain.local\dfs\unit5 ->> \\server1\unit5$
\\domain.local\dfs\unit6 ->> \\server1\unit6$

Each IT unit could then have control over their own directories.

As for a single print server, you can possibly have a single server and have central IT create the printers. Once each printer has been created, you can give the individual IT units full control over their own printers so they can change settings, clear queues, etc. It isn't perfect, and requires some cooperation.


This was not the solution I was thinking about, but it's the only one :(

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