How to get rid  of One Moment please screen after you login to WI 5.4

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Hello there,

How to get rid of "one Moment Please" screen, that appears immediatley after you login to WI 5.4, it stays there for about >10secs.
Is there any way I can disable it, so that after login, it goes straight to applications page.

Please advise.

Thanks and regards.
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There's a process occurring at this time so I'm not sure you can disable it. You're asking ALOT of IIS and Web Design related questions, these aren't things that Citrix has tweaks for it will need to be all custom. There are companies (web developers) that can do this, perhaps some will chime in on your questions, but you cannot simple turn off page banners and process timers via any management console. You'll need to look into the inetpub/wwwroot/citrix folder for the web pages and edit the html for the default webpages, etc.
it'a not a simple banner and you can't disable this.
While you see the "one Moment Please" screen the asp and .net scripts are compiled. This occurs every time the services starts.
this means also, the time should be shorter if you connect a second time within one minute.

these services are shut down after 20 minutes at w2k3.
with webinterface 5.4 and w2k8r2 this timeout should does no longer exist.
at older win and wi versions this can be tuned.

the verry first start need notable more time and if the certificate crl's are unreacheble (firewall) the page-load can need more than one minute.

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