Open documents on Windows Server 2008 R2 using local Word

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I am using Windows Server 2008 R2, 64 bit and remote desktop.

Is it possible to open documents on the server using local microsoft word? So, I don't need to install office on the server, but instead use local word. Perhaps even if the document needs to be transfered to the local machine and use local Office programs it is OK. I only need it to open with local Office.

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So far I know it's not possible to open a word document with a local word.

You can however copy the file using the normal copy/paste from windows to copy the file to the local PC.

Hello - This shouldn't be a problem as long as you the administrator of the server has given you access rights to the document.
The way accessing a document works is that the server checks whether you have read or write access to the file, then, if the format of the file matches a file-type MS Word can open, and if the file isn't password protected, and if the file isn't corrupted you should be able to open it without any difficulties.
You can only edit and save it on the server though if you also have write access.  If you can't edit it on the server, then you should be able to download a copy onto your own machine and work with it from there.
So, in short, yes this should work fine.

Here is some more information about the same type of question, maybe that helps...
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@nzwebbie: so I don't need Office installed on the server, it can be on the local computer and using remote desktop?


My problem is that I will have users which will connect and using my application through remote desktop. Of course I can install Office, but that costs license for each user - why should users pay for Office licences if they already have office installed on their local computers? So that's the reason I want to make sure they can use Office installed on their local computers and work on the server through remote desktop.

Well, it appears I have slightly misunderstood the problem.  
Remote Desktop is a bit trickier!  Bright12 seems right.  
In order to achieve this you would need to have some kind of way to copy the files from the remote server to your own computer first.

Once on your computer you could then edit it.

I would have probably done it as follows:  
*Open a browser on the remote server.
*Open your google mail account on the remote server.  
*Attach the file to an email and send it to an email account that you then open on your local machine.
*Once it arrived on your local machine you can edit it, save it and then email back to an email account that you open on the server, from where you can then save it back on the server.

However there are better ways to save documents online.  Such as GoogleDocs.

You could use that to work on documents that you want your friends to open and  work with.


There is an easier way: on remote desktop I've just enabled file and printer sharing and marked all drives and folders. It's not a problem transferring file from server to local computer through remote desktop.

Problem is elsewhere: use local program to open files on server disc.

Yes, I understand.  Unfortunately I don't know the answer and don't how to help in this case, seems a little trickier than I first thought.  Anyone else able to help?
I think what I wrote is the best solution. Another thing that can help is if you map the folder where documents are to the systems. So the users have a network map that contains the document which they can open, edit and save using the local Microsoft Word.
So the solution is: you can't do this. It's not possible to run office programs on the server with the office installed on the local computer.

Everybody thanks a lot for answers.


The problem can not be solved: you can't edit / view office documents on the server with office installed on the local computer.

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