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Hey guys,

I'm currently setting up a POC test SBS2011 server.
The main purpose of this server is to bring about 20 external email accounts in house so I have a lot more control over them.
We already have a exchange server for our company, however the power that be want these mailboxes to run off a separate server and domain, hence why I've decided on SBS2011.

Now on our company exchange server we use Mail-Marshal for our spam and AV protection and its working fairly well. However, before I finalize the POC I would like to look at some alternatives to Mail-Marshal.

One thing I would like if its at all possible is that with MailMarshal there is a spam management interface that your can delete or release emails which are flagged. I need that same ability with the alternative solution, but what I would ultimately like is that each mailbox user had the ability to remotely access this interface for their mail only.

So please feel free to through your ideas and experiences into the ring

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Benjamin MOREAUProject Manager

I use Vade-Retro with a lot of clients (

With the "cloud" solution, the advantage is that if your server crash, emails are keep in the queue until your server is back.

Each user have his own quarantine interface.

For me, it's a good solution for clients. Very lot of work for me to manage this solution.
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We use for most of our clients.
-It offers 2 levels of spam filtering (guaranteed spam and probable spam) which you can set separately to delete, quarantine, or tag as [Spam] and forward.
-Guaranteed no viruses
-7 day MX backup service, if your server goes off-line it will save and forward mail when server is back on line
-One year archival of all e-mail sent and received (longer at an additional cost)
-Encryption service
-Large attachment handling

You mentioned; “We use for most of our clients……. hence why I've decided on SBS2011.”
I assume you are aware SBS cannot be added to an existing domain.  You can migrate an existing domain to the SBS and add as many Domain Controllers as you like, but the SBS must handle all FSMO rolls.


Thanks for sharing your ideas, I'm currently looking into them atm.

As for the SBS2011 server, as mentioned above this for a separate domain primarily just for these mailboxes and isn't meant to be joined to company domain.

Cheers Matt
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That should work, however you will have to disable DHCP, and keep in mind it also doesn't support trusts between domains.  You will also need separate SBS CAL's for each user connecting to this server.

I am just suggesting as most people regret buying SBS just becasue it is cheaper.

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