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We have an external US Robotics fax Modem connected into a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x64 server with about 16GB of RAM.
When sending a fax on any client pc in the network via the server using windows Fax we receive a notification that the fax was not sent…. But this was incorrect as the intended fax actually was sent and received but the intended person.

Can somebody shed some light on how we could fix this?
Any feedback is appreciated!

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Sounds like the completion is not coming back to the client. Could you please provide more information. I assume the fax device on the server is being shared. On the client side you've defined a connection to the shared fax device on the server. Please elaborate.


The fax is shared from the server.
The clients use it like a networked Printer. So they all have this fax printer mapped to their printers and devices. Connected this on their machines by running  \\servername\sharedfax

Not sure what other information you need so please let me know if you need anything further.

The eventual solution to this was a rebuild of the server and then reinstallation of the shared fax on all client machines.


This was resolved by a server rebuild after not finding any other solutions to try.

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