include site setting for php values one 1 page

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I am having some trouble including 1 file containing php values used throughout my site.

I want to just put


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on top of all pages instead of the complete code.

I have tried using the "include" function a few ways.
But I want to include some $_GET values and the dont seem to be passed.

Here is an example of what I would like to have in the include file

$fname =  ucwords(strtolower($_GET['fname'])) ;
 $lname =  ucwords(strtolower($_GET['lname'])) ;

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Any suggestion are appreciated.
Thank you Selvol
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Try adding the function to the like below code and call them with every page where you include the above file

hope that helps, thanks


function preprocessvalues($fname,$lname){
     $arr = array();
     $arr['fname'] =  ucwords(strtolower($fname)) ;
      $arr['lname'] =  ucwords(strtolower($lname)) ;
      return $arr;

// now try calling the function after including the above file to page with below
// some page.php
$arr = preprocessvalues($_GET['fname'],$_GET['lname']); // process the array 

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Thank you.
That shortens it some.
and explains why it would not work.

Anyway to set those values like a "global" would work?

i.e. in the php.ini?


Got it..........

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