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Vcheck scans virtual machines for "unwanted virtual hardware". What would the definition of unwanted hardware be, it just states "serial port 1". Whats the risk of unwanted hardware being found? Also, are there any valid reasons why unwanted hardware may be found, i.e. valid admin tasks
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Unwanted virtual hardware that's not in use.

cdrom, floppy drive, serial ports, or usb ports, if they are not being used they take up resources, and if they are not in use, or no requirement for them, remove them.
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Just to add a lil more - unwanted hardware attached to your VM could (and I do mean, 'could', not 'will') cause a little performance hit. It's always good to remove unwanted (default) hardware from your VM as well as configure the hardware with the most advanced drivers/controllers (i.e. Network Adapter should be using VMXNET3; SCSI controller should be used for disks, not IDE; and, when possible [like mostly if you're using a SAN], use Paravirtual SCSI controller).

But mostly, 'unwanted' is really defined by you and your org. but VMware offers 'suggestions' as to what is 'more than likely' unwanted virtual hardware.


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