Small Business Server 2011 Drive Letter Assignment on External Hard Drives

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Hi There,

I have been having some problems assigning drive letters to my external hard disks in SBS 2011. If you follow and complete the automatic configuration wizard in SBS Backups it does not assign a drive letter to the hard disk, (not seen in Computer).

However in Computer Management you can assign a drive letter etc as usual. But it will not be configured in SBS 2011.

Would it be possible to assign a drive letter to each external backup hard drive I have, configured in SBS console?

P.S (other installation that I have done, the drives are visible in Computer)
Thanks for your help
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The Backup Wizard in SBS 2011 requires "exclusive use of the hard while you were able to assign a drive letter...there's no value..

If you need additional storage, you'll need another external drive

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