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create user profile windows 7

mmercaldi used Ask the Experts™
I am building a laptop for the CEO of my company, and I need to mail it to him.  I would like to have his profile built before I send it to him minus the outlook setup.  Is there a way I can create his profile on the laptop without him signing in so I can transfer his files and favorites?

I should also note that I cannot use the USMT for this since his laptop kept blue screening and we are not sure why.  We are also in a windows domain environment.
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He will require to login ones atleast to get the profile created.
If you cannot create the profile before shipping it, how about creating an  accessible folder?

D:\CEO (NTFS permissions restricted to just him/her)
Hi Friend,

No, You can not Create a Profile Unless you log in to the OS.  Better you can Guide Him to Login and Do the Configuration.

P. Praveen Raj