server 2003 R2 unknown files

drzackzuss used Ask the Experts™

I am using server 2003 R2 and am looking to clear up some unneccesary files and make some space on the hard disk.

i have located this folder but mot sure if the contents contained can be deleted.

the destination is:


this has a number of files over 100mb ending in extensions .msi or .msp

also if i dig further into that folder:


there are a few folders with long names containing a few hundred mb of files.

any help would be greatly appreciated

thank you
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When a product is installed using Windows Installer Technology, a stripped version of the original .MSI data file is stored in the Windows Installer Cache (default is C:\Windows\Installer). Every subsequent update installation for the installed products like hotfixes, cumulative updates or service packs also stores the relevant .msp or .msi file in the Windows Installer Cache.
Any future update to the product relies on the information present in the Windows Installer Cache. Without this information, the new patch cannot perform the required installation. Although it can take a significant amount of space for large packages that are installed on the machine; it is not recommended to move or delete any files from the Windows Installer Cache manually. If the Windows Installer Cache is altered, it will cause serious problems that may require you to clean-up and reinstall the application and in many instances rebuilding the computer (fresh installation of the operating system and applications). The application may continue to work as normal but the serviceability of the application is broken.
These files are unique and cannot be shared between machines. While the files from different machines may have the same content the naming convention is unique to each machine.
You may be able to clean up oprhaned data in the Windows Installer Cache by using msizap.exe along with parameter !g ( It will help you to remove orphaned data (MSI, MST or MSP) from the installer cache.

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