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When somebody shares a video with me via facebook, and i view it on the timeline, then in some chrome browsers it plays inline, but in some it opens in a new tab. is there some setting to achieve this in chrome?
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Sr. Software Engineer
Facebook support multiple Video Players. They also have their own video player.
If the Video is from another website like youtube, It will play on the same page abd when you click on the same again it will go to the and that video page will open.

When you click on facebook video player then it will play on the same page. But if you click with pressing Ctrl  (Control) key it will be open in another tab.

There is no such a setting to control this behavior... Because it is depend on scripting when page was developed.


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Manoj PatilSr. Software Engineer

Hi have you tried the solution given in comment. If No, then try it. and If if you have already tried it, then you should post your problem, instead of deleting question...!!!!
Because we are here to help you. If you are not posting the Problem then how can we help you...

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