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Queries are not working

gigifarrow used Ask the Experts™
I have a database that I was given to fix by my boss. I am having problems with my production report.

The person who made the queries used cross tab queries and then made forms out of each query. Took those forms and put them all on one form called ,"frmProductionReport.

What I need to do is  add another field to each form that will total the models. So i added a field in the table called,"tblMODHistory" and put a field in there called,"Program Total" . I then added that field to one of the queries called,"qryTotalInstalls". Now on my Production Report One of the forms that has Temple information is not showing up. How do I add a total field to each form?

Here is an example of what Im talking about

MOD KIT          M2  M3 M7     Program Total
ASSS                 1       4  2                 7
AOA                  2       3   5                10
 Enclosed is my database.
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See if this is what you were looking for. I made queries that total each mod and then added them to the crosstab queries



It is working except the temple one has nothing in it.  It is blank there is no information at all showing up.
There's no information because in the qryTotalInstallsTemple criteria, you have "Temple, TX". In your table it's "Temple, PA"


I am now getting information but under M3 and M7 im getting an error     #name and no mod kits are showing up.
Sorry for the delay, it took me a while to figure out the force column issue. This one should work.


Thank you for getting back with me could you please tell me what you did to make it work?
I'm at work now and don't have Access. I made fields in query that controls the crosstab query, (sorry, don't remember the name). They were M2, M3 & M7 and went like this:
M2=IIf(VehicleModel="M2",Quantity,""). Again, I won't be back until tonight so I'm not 100% on the specifics. You can look at the Temple crosstab query to get the query name and check it out.