SQL Reporting Services 2008 Report Manager is Slow to Render Report

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What are some things that can be modified in order to eliminate slowness in SQL Reporting Services 2008 Report Manager, upon rendering a report?

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1. Use the Stored Procedures instead of Query in the Report This will improve the data retrieval time.
2. Avoid Unncessary Expressions this will Improve the rendering time.
3. Avoid Grouping or sorting in the report this will improve the rendering time.
4. Use Drill down for small no of records to be displayed in the report. For larger no of records use drill-through reports this will improve the rendering time as the drill-through have more details and with the minimal data we can show the main report.
5. Avoid unnecessary columns in the SP select.


They have been using the report since November, though, and just started getting this issue earlier this week.  It runs very slow on this particular workstation.  Another workstation is able to generate this report, though it does take several minutes to do so.

Is there something along the lines of making a change on the network or at the workstation level itself that can fix this, rather than modifying a report that has been working for a while?

This might help you.

Check whether these machines are of same configuration.
Compare execution log of both the machines for the same report.

If it is only in only one work station then you have to investigate on that machine itself. What exactly is the problem?. Instead of changing the report.


But, the other workstation that is able to generate the report does take several minutes to do so.  And, the slowness of this one report in general just started this week.

I had them reset IIS and stop and restart the SQL Reporting Services service.  Same result.

Is there anything else from the network side of things that can be done?

I didn't face this kind of issue. I don't know what to do exactly. The basic things for the improvements is as mentioned.

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