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We have a L2L VPN and I'm trying to determine if we are using NAT between both sites. How can I go ahead and confirm this by looking at the config. I have access to the ASDM and I noticed NAT-T is enabled on the policy
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Whether you are using NAT between the sites or not has nothing to do with the NAT Traversal (NAT-T) configuration. The latter is for enablig VPN-clients to connect even if they are behind a firewall.

To see if your firewall translates traffic to/from the VPN-tunnel or not, you need to look into the config. Either you look in the NAT-config in ASDM yourself and try to understand if NAT is configured for traffic from your local network(s) to the network(s) in the other end of the tunnel, or you post the config here (by sending 'show running-config'-command to the device).

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