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i am trying to set up  a wireless access point which i thought should be fairly straighforward but is causing a few problems. the access point is attached to a switch which is connected to an sbs 2003 server which is acting as the dhcp server.

the device is a zyxel nwa-3100.

i have followed the setup from the manual.

- have device set as access point
- have ip address set as static ip within the dhcp range
- wireless security setup wpa psk2

i can wirelessly connect to the access point and on windows 7 is showing internet access but i cannot access any web pages or ping google or anything.

it is giving my laptop the correct ip address within dhcp lease which muct be coming from server.

i can access local network from the wireless.

i am happy to give screenshots or any other info if required.

thank you
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1. have you put the correct gateway on the AP.
2. have you disabled DHCP on the access Point.
3. In access poing there should be a option like Administration ->Diagnostics..
can you ping the gateway from there and any external site...
just to add to the above post I would be sure to do an ipconfig /all in CMD on your windows clients just to be sure they are also getting the correct DNS servers from your DHCP server.

Also you stated "have ip address set as static ip within the dhcp range" meaning you went into your DHCP server and made a reservation/exclusion for the WAP to have a static IP and not be duplicated by an IP being handed out by the DHCP server, correct?


i have set the ip as static but have not reserved the ip address.  although there is no other device set with that ip address.

when i go into cmd the strange thing is that my laptop ip is correct but the gateway shows up as:


not sure why the ip address is above the actual gateway ip address
well I woudl try to tracert or ping if it pings then you knwo you have connectivity to the outside world if not then I would start t-shooting from the desktop out so your next step would be the WAP.

If you can ping / tracert to then its a DNS issue.
Aaron TomoskyDirector of Solutions Consulting

Give the ap a static ip OUTside the dhcp range.
The problem is the gateway as you already noticed. You can't go outside your subnet without a valid gateway.
IT Administration
If your 2003 Server IP address is
                                     subnet is
                                     gateway (Zyxel router)
                                     DNS is
The set up above will work if the 2003 server acts as a DHCP and DNS and the scope has been set up with those values; how is yours?


yeah had settings as you suggested except subnet

ip (this is outside of dhcp range now)
subnet (was
gateway (this is firewall/router)
DNS is (ip of server acting as dhcp and dns)

still no luck though
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT Administration

Please post the out put of "ipconfig /all" from the 2003 server.
Well, there are "APs" and there are "APs".  Which device model is it?

Some have a single ethernet connection that goes to the LAN.  
I agree that the IP manually assigned to the device needs to be OUTSIDE the DHCP range.
I agree that the DHCP needs to be turned off on the AP.

Some are really just wireless routers being used as an AP.
In that case follow the instructions in the attached paper.
In the end they are pretty much the same thing .. a switch with a wireless radio connected to it.

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