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I am looking for a complete solution to distribute satellite and internet TV channels in multi rooms using my wifi router attached is a diagram of the idea. Is it possible? Is there a way to minimize the number of receivers and use Channel modulators instead? If it is possible what equipments do I need?

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Dot reinvent the wheel. Xbmc is an awesome media player (you can run it on a jailbroken appletv, an old pc, Xbox, etc). This is what they recommend to get cable/satellite signal to it

Netflix an Hulu an such are already builtin.
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I use the aforementioned HDHomeRun (Prime version, which handles cable cards and has three separate tuners) to distribute cable TV over my home network.  I use NPVR to record, but HDHomeRun provides a QuickTV viewer with the product to select from available channels.  You can hook up multiple HDHomeRuns to your network, but once someone starts viewing a channel, they lock up that tuner, so you need as many tuners as you have simultaneous viewers.
DirecTV has offers a system, but it's geared toward private cable operators, not home users.

What you're proposing is a cable TV system that would need a lot of on-going maintenance by skilled technicians.  

The aforementioned HDHomeRun solution is much more feasible.

Another option for TV is put a satellite receiver on each TV. You can feed several satellite receivers from a single satellite dish using coax cable. Internet TV can still go across the WiFi.

This is one example of many that are out there:

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