writing java wrappers for c++

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Can someone point me to some examples/documentation of how to write Java wrappers for C++?
I need to interface with a JAVA API, from a C++ code base.
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One way of accessing Java code through C++ is by compiling the Java as native byte code using gcc-java.

Take a look at the source code for pdftk - http://www.pdflabs.com/tools/pdftk-the-pdf-toolkit/pdftk-1.44-src.zip

It is written using C++ accessing the iText java library to do the guts of its work.

JNI is the technology you'll be using to create a Java to C++ interface (it stands for Java Native Interface - in the sense that C++ code is "native" code rather than managed by the JVM), but you don't want to build this from scratch unless you're only talking about a very small C++ interface (like one class or 10 methods or something like that).

If you need to build a Java interface to a significant C++ API then you should use SWIG (http://www.swig.org/projects.html).  This is a toolkit designed to generate interfaces for a wide range of languages and Java in particular is supported.  Incidentally once you set up the SWIG tools you get a bunch of other bindings to other languages pretty much for free - if you happen to want them.

I was part of a project a few years ago that needed to create a Java interface to a substantial project written in C++ and SWIG worked really well for us.


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