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Could not  find Acrobat ( Adobe plug in not found )

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I have an issue where when trying to open a PDF from Internet explorer adobe acrobat launches, however a message appears and says " cannot find acrobat , plug in not found ". This happens when opening a file on the web. Adobe works when opening any other PDF document. I have reinstalled with no luck.  Any suggestions..
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Honestly, with all the issues I've had with Adobe PDF reader, especially managing all the patches, I've actually decided to move to FoxIT reader. So many less updates to manage also.  I know it's not fixing your Acrobat issue, but I think you'll actually like this product better.  We started to use it when Acrobat had issues like yours and haven't looked back!
Raymond PengSystems Engineer

It could be missing files or in need of repair:

2. Make sure that the ActiveX folder contains files required for web browsing.
To open PDF files in a browser window, the ActiveX folder must contain the following files: Acropdf.dll; Acroiehelper.dll; Gbdetect.dll; and Pdfshell.dll. If any of these files are missing, repair Acrobat or Adobe Reader by choosing Help > Detect And Repair, or reinstall the application.

You can find the Active X folder in Program Files/Adobe/Acrobat 7.0.
or the version of your Adobe.

You can follow the KBIT here:



The repair option does not work and those dll files are not in the active X folder. is there anywhere i can find them to download and then place them ?
Systems Engineer
Other than uninstalling Adobe and reinstalling, I do have a workaround.  Open up Adobe - not sure what version you have but > Tools or Edit? > preferences > there's an option to uncheck 'open PDF in web browser'  this will just open up PDF with Adobe and not have it opened in a web browser.

I believe it's under the General tab or the Internet tab.  I don't have it on my machine currently.