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I have an http processes running on AIX 6.1
when I run ps -ef | grep httpd
What I see is two of the processes has larger time value in the TIME field(817:30 & 744:59). Wonder what does this exactly mean and is that something should I be concerned?

  eduser  9044164               1   0   Mar 26      -  2:43   /IHS70/bin/httpd -d /IHS70 -k start
  eduser 10748048  9044164   4   Mar 26      - 817:30  /IHS70/bin/httpd -d /IHS70 -k start
  eduser 11599972  9044164   0   Mar 26      -  3:00   /IHS70/bin/httpd -d /IHS70 -k start
  eduser 13959334  9044164   2   Mar 26      - 774:59  /IHS70/bin/httpd -d /IHS70 -k start

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It means exactly that the processes have a longer runtime (spent more time in the "runnable" state, i.e. running or waiting to run).

That's all.

From "man ps":

            (all flags) The total runtime for the process. The time is displayed in the format of mm:ss or mmmm:ss if the runtime reaches 100 minutes

Also look at the "C" column. Larger values ("4"/"2") indicate CPU intensive processes, lower values ("0") indicate I/O intensive processes.



Yes, that is what I read from man page and other web links. But I am still not able to understand if this is something I should be concerned? or its a normal behaviour? Thanks!


Also why the other two processes have very less time spent. Thanks!
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You should know your webserver better than I do.

Do you have CPU-intensive scripts/programs under your web service? php? mysql? ...?
This could explain the elevated CPU consumption.

Do you have I/O intensive applications? Reading large pictures/documents from disk?
This could explain the low CPU usage, because it could be due to I/O wait.

And the process with parent "1" is just the launcher of all its dependents, which doesn't consume much CPU.

Since I don't know anything about your applications that's all I can say.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor
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You should have an idea about the load of your Apache webserver, could be that it is only server used a much to keep 2 httpd threads busy. If you would have a higher average load, you would see the 3rd httpd tread using more cpu as well. Have a look in your Apache access log (you have one, right), you could see how much request the webserver is handling.

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