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Jeff S
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I am unsure how to tell my side by side bar chart to ignore a 01/01/1900 MonthYear value. I tried to create a fomula to ignore anything with a 01/01/1900, however when it layed out my graph it did not lay them out in the months I needed rather it passed a True and False value. How can I pass all dates but these to my chart?

My formula I tried to restrict the values:

Date({data.MonthYear}) <> Date(1900,1,1)
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Mike McCrackenSenior Consultant
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You really can't filter a chart that way.

DO you need the records that have 1900-01-01 as the date in the report?

Can you group the report by date so all the 1900-01-01 records are in one group and the rest in another group and get the report you want?

Create a formula
If Date({data.MonthYear}) = Date(1900,1,1)  then]

Add a group on the formula
Put the chart in the group heade or footer.
You can suppress the header/footer when the date is 1900-01-01

To add to what mlmcc said, if you don't need the 01/01/1900 records in the report for some other reason, add Date({data.MonthYear}) <> Date(1900,1,1) to the record selection formula.  Then those records won't be included at all, so they won't be in the chart.




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