How to Prepare to Import Drupal Site?

sandshakimi used Ask the Experts™
I've got an outside developer finishing up a Drupal site for my client.

My role will be to import it into the client's server. (Drupal stack not in place yet).

What are the various considerations I need to think about for a seamless transition?

Do I need to know what stack the developer used before I build out my client's? What kind of import process will I be using?

(My intention was to build Drupal on a Win 2008 R2 64 bit machine for my client)
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This may not be a complete list but should be a good start.

0. Make sure you are running the same version of PHP and MySQL (or at least within a maintenance release or two)  I suggest you use the version recommended for the Drupal version you are running.
1. Make sure you use the same version of Drupal (v7, I hope)
2. Make sure you load all of the extensions and possibly themes that are required by the site
3. BACKUP everything (look at using git to do version control on the site.)
4. Make sure core and all modules are up to date
5. Backup the Drupal database from the designer and copy it over to the new site.
6. Copy over the site-specific files from the designer to your installation.

Here is a somewhat dated post about moving a site.  It still has a good process to follow:


smadiera, thanks

I was hoping that the site would be built on vers. 7, but I just learned that it was built on Drupal vers. 6,   PHP 5.2.17,   MySQL 5.0.95,  on Win Server 2003.

So, if i have to live with this, I will probably not get to use the Web Platform Installer from Microsoft (

How do that complicate my setup? Do I need to install the software stack independently?

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