resizing and cloning a system drive - is this a 2 step process?

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I have a 1TB hard drive that is the system drive on an old machine. I want to free up that drive.

I have a 80Gb hard drive that is not being used.

I want to clone the 1TB to 80GB.  Using clonezilla, it says the 80 is too small (there's only 30GB on the 1TB drive, but it's a 1TB partition.

Is the process to use gparted to resize the partition to under 80GB then clonezilla to clone the drive (it's a bootable win xp system disk).

is there a 1 step (free?) app that will do both parts?
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I have heard about Parted Magic:, but haven't used it.

Paragon Partition Manager is also free, but you still have to use the CloneZilla.

Outside of Ghost (not free), not sure of any other free programs.
I dont know of any one-step processes. You may be able to shrink the volume within Windows 7, though. I would defrag, then try shrinking it from disk management to see if you can get it small enough.

Or, you could just use gparted like you had planned. That's what I've done in the past.
actually, clonezilla still balked.  it wants to clone the hard drive not the partition.

even though the 1TB drive only has a 60GB partition now, it still says the target drive is too small cause it's basing it on drive size, not partitions.

I think acronis true image will clone and shrink the partition in the process.  got to check my old disk I have.

I know shadow protect will let you image the big partition, but then balks if you try to restore it to a smaller drive.  true image will allow you to resize.

$$$ solves problems : (
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You could always just capture the image of the machine using whatever means you want. There are plenty of free options. Then you could reimage the 80GB hard drive. That's a lot more steps than you were originally planning, but it would do the trick.

But, you can only resize a partition, not "necessarily" a hard drive.  Cloning a hard drive (all the sectors, etc.) is a 1 to 1 match up - a partition is not.
I want the smaller drive to be a dupe of the system drive - bootable, etc. just smaller.  maybe my wording is wrong.
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You need to shrink this partition to 80GB and then clone it. Otherwise there is no one step method. Try Paragon Drive Copy 11 Pro it is capable for cloning partition from 1TB to free space on another drive.
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i suggest to shrink the partion first, as noxcho suggests, but i use Bootit-BM for that
it is free for the use you want (partition handling)       

shrink it to an acceptable size -  it is fast and rock solid; never lost data !
then you can clone away with the Paragon software, that i also suggest !
thanks everyone

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