Updating/Renewing SSL Certificate in CentOS

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Hi guys!! This will be my first time working on a CentOS environment. My tast is to renew the existing SSL cert. The cert will be exported from IIS7(windows 2008) as a pfx. Can anyone please outline the best approach? This is a new account and i have to tackle this one way or another. :)

If you could also outline the steps, that would be great.


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SSL Certificates can be used by any number of applications within a CentOS configuration -- and different certificates can be used by each!
Each application can point independently to the certificate file(s) -- thus, they can share one, or use different ones -- as needed.
So, your first step is to determine which apps will be using the cert...

BTW: You'll likely have to convert the PFX format to PEM or something... but we'll tackle that after you figure out what will be using the cert...


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