Windows 7 - After changing domain password user can not log on

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Everyone was forced to change passwords yesterday.  After this user changed his password, no one could log in from the domain.  The local admin could log in.  I removed the computer from the domain and joined it again.  Then the domain admin could log in but no other domain users can.  I am a domain admin and I can not log on.  The message is always
"The user name or password is incorrect"
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Hmmm... try deleting the machine account in ADUC before you remove from Domain.  Then remove machine from domain, reboot, and add machine back to domain.
You should always try to reset the computer object versus deleting and joining a machine back to the domain. This way you keep your security principal intact.


I did delete the computer before.  I rejoined it now with a different name.  The same results except now the domain admin can no longer log in.
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What settings do you have for your User Rights Assignment?


Everyone can access the computer from the network and everyone can log on locally
Not the best security practices there. Try this:

Allow log on locally -> Administrators, Authenticated Users

Make sure you gpupdate before logging back in.

gpupdate /force /logoff /boot


That seemed to do the trick.  Thanks.  Several of us have been working at it.

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