Dell Dimension e520 5200 5150 - anyone have failed drives ? Is there a design flaw?

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I've had 2 machines in this series - the silver front, white side panels, the front intake grill, etc. - that have each had 2+ hard drives failed... all times, it was the lower hard drive when 2 drives were installed.

on 1 machine, the lower drive failed twice.  I moved the drive that was in the top bay to the bottom, put the replacement drive on top... and the bottom one failed (yes, at that point, it was the older of the 2 drives, but still, 3 failures in a few years?  some machines never have any failures.

and on the 2nd machine, the lower drive failed, got it replaced under warranty, and the newer replacement drive failed in that lower bay.  the older top drive keeps running.

It's academic at this point - both machines are going away - if not a design flaw on the model, they are old anyway.

But curious if this rings a bell with anyone / am I paranoid.  5 hard drive failures on 2 machines in the same series over a few years just seems out of the usual.
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I'm thinking because these are only 2 machines, it is likely a coincidence. We had several of these at a past job and they ran without issues.

I agree, it seems a bit strange, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. As you said, you had some that never had any issues, so I wouldn't say it's a design flaw. It's purely coincidental if you ask me. Especially in the case where you switched the drive to the bottom bay. I'm sure it would have died in the top at about the same time. If the design flaw is anywhere, it may be with the hard drives.
Chock it up to a bad run of drives.

Nothing new.

I just had a bunch of SSD's go DOA from OCZ,

I read the reviews and pretty much everybody else was having the same problems.

I've been in the biz for quite and while and I can remember stuff like this happening when disk platters were 14 inches .
Fujitsu had a bad run and I remember having to go out to my customers and replace them one at a time.
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how was the setup?
oS on one drive, the other for backup, or what?
you can also post a picture to clarify the setup
1 machine had raid set up - C was raided across both drives,

the other machine was c: on the top drive, d / data on the lower drive
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If they had a bad run of power supplies, that could cause ongoing problems with components installed in the machine.
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can you switch the drive cables to the other connector? (may need a backup)
it can be due to the raid controller, or higher temperature in lower bay

also - how were the bad drives tested? diag, and other tools?

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