How to find SMTP IP Address of Exchange Server 2010?

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How can I find SMTP IP address in my Exchange environment? My Exchange environment includes:

2 CAS Servers (CAS Array)
2 Hub Transport Servers
2 Mailbox Servers (DAG)
2 UAG (ForeFront) Servers

I specified Inbound (POP) address as of CAS Server and I SMTP address as of Hub Transport Server.

Actually I've a Smart Host (which is a Main Firewall with port 25 is open) which is specified in Hub Transport Receive Connector.

Am I using right SMTP address? I tested SMTP address from Outlook profile; it's working.

Can anyone let me know how to find the SMTP server IP address in Exchange 2010 environment?

Thank you!
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Same as the NIC IP if you've set it up that way.  However, your external IP on the firewall that is forwarding Port 25 would be the SMTP address externally.  Are you setting up the MX records?


I've an Intranet application which sends emails to particular user. Currently it has old (but still running) Exchange 2003 ip address in SMTP field to send e-mails locally.

Both Ex 2003 and 2010 are running side by side. I didn't removed Ex 2003 at.

So I want to specifiy new Ex 2010 SMTP adddress in Intranet application, so that it will sent e-mail directly from Ex 2010 instead of Ex 2003.

To do that I specified Hub Transport Server dedicated IP address. Am I doing right? I just confused on specifying the right IP address in Intranet application SMTP field. i.e., is it's Client Access Server or Hub Transport Server IP address?
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However you are publishing SMTP services to the Internet will be the place to look for the correct IP address to be used for external SMTP access. Presumably, this will be on a firewall or someplace like that.

Of course, it would be preferred for you to bind that public IP address to a public DNS record, and use the DNS record for public SMTP access. IP addresses can change, and the last thing you want is hard-coded IP addresses in many locations.

Internally, it's perfectly possible for SMTP clients to access SMTP services via a load balancing device in front of your Hub Transport servers. Note that this configuration is supported, but it is not supported for internal Exchange SMTP communication between Hub Transport servers to be load balanced. Those connections should be direct to each server - since that traffic will natively be load balanced and failover handled across the two HT servers internally within the Exchange architecture.

Also, FWIW, with an infrastructure like that, I would certainly recommend you consider using Outlook Anywhere for external Outlook clients, or Exchange ActiveSync for mobile devices, which ensures you benefit from the full power of your Exchange installation. It also ensures data remains within your datacentre, which facilitates such things as compliance, retention or discovery if required.

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Sorry, you were typing as I was.

You need to specify the Hub Transport server for transmitting SMTP mail from your internal application.

If you want to load balance the traffic between your Hub Transport servers, and also ensure the SMTP is highly available, then you will need to use Windows NLB or some other load balancing device to load balance the traffic:

Will your intranet application be sending email to external recipients too? If so, you need special considerations for allowing SMTP relay access.



I'm using Windows NLB for Client Access Server (CAS Array.) I'm not using any 3rd party load balancing for Hub Transport servers. The "Intranet" application mostly sends e-mails internally. So specifying Hub Transport server IP address is correct, right?

I went through the TechNet article. It's look like I need to create a seperate Receive Connection by disabling "Exchange Acthentication" to only process the traffic from "Intranet" application. That make sense!


Same Question Again:

Is there anyway to get Exchange 2010 configuration details for POP,IMAP,SMTP?

I would like to find IP address or hostnamr for POP,IMAP,SMTP along with SSL/TLS enable or disable details.

Any further help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
As posted before, the SMTP address it the hub transport server's IP address. You can use either Hub Transport server IP as long as there is a receive connector present. POP and IMAP are the address of the Client Access Server(s). Hostname is the name of those respective servers.

On the Hub Transport server(s), you need to have a receive connector that specifies the IP address of your intranet servers IP address. It doesn't have to be specific, it can be included in a range you specify in the receive connectors settings.

the "Smart Host" needs to be specified in the receive connector for receiving mail from that source, and also be defined in a Send connector if you want your outbound mail to be sent to that host.

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