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I have used windows remote desktop and VNC, but was wondering what would work the best for remote control of computers if I where to start a computer consulting business.
For instance I thought the down side to windows remote desktop or maybe even VNC is you would need to punch a hole in the firewall.
So is there a remote desktop thing that uses port 80, which in most cases would already be opened?
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Yes, I use screenconnect. It uses port 80 and you buy the license not a monthly fee. It has all the tools and options I need.
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Logmein - - there free option will do what you need
You install the client on the remote machine, login to your logmein account and have access  - no firewall rules need changing...
You can always move VNC to port 80, butyou may want to consider SSH also.

If you're doing a consulting business, consider LogMeIn and you can separate out your different clients.

Steve LogmeInRescue would probably work best. We use it to support laptops when they are not inside our network.
I like better than logmein. It gives you the ability to direct the end user to download and run a quick .exe file and tell you 2 numbers and you can connect. This is so simple, anyone could do it. I use it to help computer illiterate people all of the time. I think that's the main advantage it has over logmein.
I think I may have one better for you. I've used logmein , Teamviewer and VNC but by far, for ease of use would be ''. It's VERY simple for the distinctly average user, it provides users with the ability to give permission to you to access their computer. I use the free version of on one company as I do a lot of out of hours work and they're happy that I have remote access whenever I want, unsupervised. Another company have more sensitive data and naturally wanted me to be supervised to worked like a dream.

Let me know if you'd like some more feedback.


Sorry for the slow response, Thanks for the help.

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