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DNS question

Thomas N
Thomas N used Ask the Experts™
So DNS forwarders are not replicated to each DNS server on a network? I am using a mix of Windows 2003 and 2008 and I see that I have to manually add the DNS forwarders for every DNS server on our network. Is this correct? What other DNS settings are not replicated? Thanks
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Thomas NSystems Analyst - Windows System Administrator


I also notice forward lookup zones are not replicated as well.
The only thing replicated are the zones. the dns settings themeselves are not replicated.
Right click your forward lookup zone and in the general tab what does it say for replication?

Is your DNS an AD integrated or Primary and Secondary setup.
Top Expert 2012

DNS Forwarders will not replicate you need to add these to each of the DNS servers.

Again DNS Forwarders do NOT replicate
Top Expert 2012
I want to make sure you understand.

DNS Forwarders are Server based not zone based. DNS Forwarders are configurable across servers because not all DNS servers will need to have the same DNS Forwarder information because of different placements and configurations.

When you add DNS forwarders in DNS server , that will not get REPLICATED to any of the other DNS servers (You will configure DNS Forwarder on Server level not Zone level) .

If you are using AD-Integrated DNS Zones then , only Zone related Data will be replicated to other DNS server ( No need to manual configure replication).

If you are not having AD-Integrated Zone , Then you will have to configure Zone transfer . By define Zone transfer you will be able control the zone replication to perticular DNS server.

Refer below link which explains about zone transfer.http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc782181(v=ws.10).aspx



Thomas NSystems Analyst - Windows System Administrator