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Our sales team requires a system when the customers calls up to the number which is advertized on the new paper the call should reach to the sales executive , if one sales person is busy it should route to the second sales executive, also conversation should be recorded for the sales head for the monitory purpose finally should get an MIS reports like per day how many calls , weekly and monthly

also require to track the outgoing calls and conversation.

I think for this PRI line is required and PRI CARD and asterisk on linux box will serve but iam not clear, can anybody suggest me will XORCOM box be a solution or any other box.
Please suggest.
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You're talking pretty much a full-blown call center. I dont know the monitoring capabilities of Asterisk, but I'm sure there's something out there.

It sounds like this is your first PBX project. Honestly, something of this scope I would leave it to the pro's. If you want to stick with Asterisk, yes go with XORCOM or DIGIUM and have them handle the project.

Should be a quick easy thing for them to meet all your requirements and then some.
Call recording and call queuing (better than hunt groups if there are more callers than sales people) are standard asterisk features. You could download a copy of trixbox and start playing with it.

You haven't said how many sales people you have. That will affect how many pri lines you need and how many calls will be recording at a time.


Sir, Thanks for the reply,  we have around 8 to 10 sales people we are planning to increase for another 05 the max is of 15 users.
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15 calls is well within the capability of asterisk. A PRI will give you 24 or 30 channels depending on where you are based so that will be sufficient but you may wish to get a second one to make better use of call queuing.


Hi sir, thank you very much, one of the vendor is proposed for the solution which mainly he calls as GSM network where this will have few sims, and for each  appartment (our selling product) we assign a number and this will be advertized on newpapers, customers who are interested will call to this number and just before giving the advertizement we give list of sales officials numbers to the vendor they will add the routing , when call comes it will be autmatically routed to sales person x and if x is busy it will swtich to sales person y and so on if all are busy the same  will be recored as missed call.

1. For the above requirment vendor is asking us to procure webhosting space and we are asked  to access the this hosted server to listen to the recored audio and for all MIS.  
2. Server at office with PRI line and PRI CARD and centos installed as their service is based on asterisk.

my doubt is why the webhosting required for which vendor deny's to answer, having located centos server with PRI line terminated to the PRI card of this centos box we still have to access the webhosted server which is in internet i really do not understand what this vendor trying to suggest, please suggest me in this.

Please suggest me does it really requires webhosting when w
The server with the PRI card in it will be the one saving the call recordings. All you would do is enable the webserver (apache) and configure it so they can access the recordings. There is no point getting a separate web hosting service.


Thank you very much for the reply , sir based on my  requirment in the previous post i really do not understand why this vendor is asking us to subscribe for the hosting services on the cloud when PRI lines are terminitated to the centos linux box having PRI card, tomorrow i have meeting , can anybody tell me what could be the reason for the webhosting requirement so that i can takeup this to the upper management. Please help
The only reason would be if they didnt want the files being accessed on the server with the PRI card. Maybe they are concerned about security or dont want their internet connection bandwidth being used by people downloading the files. If you upload new files to a web hosting company this is only done once and can even be done overnight.

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