Internet Explorer on iPad

vnikulin used Ask the Experts™
is there a way to publish  IE and ms office and run it on ipad?
i have custom app that only runs in IE, we also have ipads that sales personnel uses and they need to be able to have access to IE
i can do it trough RDP or onlive desktop or some other service but it wouldn't be same.
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James HIT Director

IE is not an option for iPad or Apple IOS.
Your best bet is to use remote connection to a PC.


so app publishing with citrix or win2008 won't work?
any kind of thin client?
Don't talk to me.
You could create an app that is essentially a thin client that connects the user to a remote server or farm but the mind boggles at the logistics of it.

Easier to just write an app that speaks directly to the database.
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IE is not supported on Iphone or Ipad

Unfortunatley, you will need to use RDP
As vinkulin suggests if your running a client server network, using iTap mobile RDP available from iTunes store at,  a highly rated RDP client.

Does not have the same functionality but Documents to Go enables you to view and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint docs.

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