Dual Monitors - Flash Movies only show video in 1 of the 2

dasher3000 used Ask the Experts™
1. WinXP Pro
2. Flash Based - Stand Alone Program that plays videos
     from the local Hard Drive.
3. Dual Monitors
4. The flash VIDEO only shows in the main monitor
5. When I drag it to the sec ondary - the AUDIO still plays, but no video.

6. 2nd monitor is connected with VGA cable, but uses an adapter at the pc to get its signal from the DVI output.

7. I tried a brand new monitor with total DVI cable / connection - no change.

8. I tried changing all the settings (resolution, bit depth, monitor drivers) - no change.

Any ideas? ....Maybe it's the video card somehow?

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I vaguely remember having a similar problem some time ago.

I don't think I solved it, but I seem to remember that issue seemed to be that the video would play on whichever monitor it was *started* on, but wouldn't continue playing if dragged to the other screen.

Try starting the video playback on the other monitor and see if that's a workaround for you.

(Sorry to be vague -  I don't have a system - the same as yours - that I can test this on anymore)
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In WinXP, this is a result of video overlays only working on the monitor designated as primary - there's no way around it.  Win7 does not have this problem and allows video to play on other monitors.
Ah.. interesting.

If it helps, you should be able to change which is the primary monitor through the 'Display Properties' (Right click the desktop and choose 'Properties').
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You could try updating graphics drivers, updating flash, trying a different web browser.

I've seen several suggestions talking of trying various programs and seeing if there is an option to disable Video Overlay in the programs, if so it seems to work for some.

Comments posted here seem to have some suggestions that could help.

I've seen peculiar issues if the main monitor has been put to the right of the 2nd.  If they're back to front like this, swap their order in the display properties and see if that fixes it.


Thanks for the suggestions!

Research into the program suggested it was the program itself, but it DOES work on some of the other setups in the office - so I'm not buying that.

It DOES work if I flip the monitors so my PRIMARY is what should be my Secondary.
So I have just written some Workaround directions for the users at this point.
It takes about 5-10 seconds to switch them back and forth - so no big deal, I would think!

Thanks for the input - points to the "flip the monitors" idea - but it's not a full solution.
I'm thinking Video Card...

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