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So I'm trying to make a drain-stop function for my webfarm deployment script.

The overall script will be breaking the keepalive page, monitoring the active connections to the server until they drop below a given value then executing the deployment etc.

I've hit limitations working with the following code in powershell:
Get-Counter '\Web Service(_total)\Current Anonymous Users'

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All I want to do is retrieve the value out of that, but, all my attempts at reformatting, looping through, pipelining etc are failing.

Can someone give me the appropriate functions / switches I need in order to retrieve that value please? Thanks!
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Alright, been doing some work with these recently so I might be able to help.

This code will list available counters in the logicaldisk class f.ex:
Get-Counter -ListSet "logicaldisk" | Select -Expand Paths

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This code fetches the counter on a single sample and then echoces back the values of the first one in the collection:
$Counter = Get-Counter "\LogicalDisk(*)\% Free Space" -MaxSamples 1 -SampleInterval 1
$CounterSamples = $Counter.CounterSamples

#Values from the first sample in the collection
$CounterSamples[0] | Select *

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Does this give you the value you need?

((Get-Counter '\Web Service(_total)\Current Anonymous Users').CounterSamples)[0].CookedValue


Perfect :)

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