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I just downloaded IE 9 on my PC. When I go to download a file from a website I never get prompted for the Open,Save, Save As message box ( See IE Save, Save As, Screen Shot) I also do not get the download status window at the bottom of the screen (See IE Download Status  Screen Shot). I sure its just a setting however I have looked under IE>> Tools>> View Downloads Screen and I can;t see anything that would match what I need.
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Took a look at both links on the first link I have checked in the View Downloads window (under options) and everything is setup correctly ( I am comparing the IE 9 on another PC that does give you the prompts). In the second link this is what I am looking for this download message.

The bottom of your browser should have your options when you click to download a file, you can go under internet options, Advanced, Restore Advanced Settings, and then click Reset. Close IE, and then open it back up.
Hi Cmolcet,

For the Save/Save As issue:# Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab
# Select Internet zone > Custom Level
# under Downloads, select 'Prompt' for the option: Automatic prompting for File Downloads

For the Download status bar:This should ideally show up automatically when download is in progress. Else you can press Ctrl+J to bring it up.

Please respond if this helps.


buggosorous. I followed your 2 suggestions above and on the first suggestion I can navigate to under the downloads area but it never give me an option to select the prompt option.

When I select the download status bar (Ctrl+J) a screen pops up but its blank.


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