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Use WWN node or Port A WWN or Port B WWN when configuring FC switch for SL500 tape drives

sunhux used Ask the Experts™
Refer to attached MSWord doc which showed screen shots
of our Oracle StorageTek Tape library which comes with
four tape drives.

For each tape drive, there are 3 WWN:
a) WWN Node
b) Port A WWN
c) Port B WWN

Which one of the above 3 should we use
when we configure our FC fabric switch
for a tape drive’s connection?
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usually we use the port WWNs for zoning, to keep full control over each port of each device in our zoning setup.

Particularly when there are two fabrics or more, plugging a port into the wrong fabric will lead to a loss of connectivity when using WWPN zoning, so the error cannot remain undetected which it surely would with WWNN zoning.

But even if there's just one fabric (no redundancy on the fabric level, just on the path level) you should use the WWPNs.

Using the WWNN will make the setup only a tiny bit easier (one alias per device, regardless of the number of ports), but I think this doesn't compensate for the loss of granularity.



So, should I use Port A or Port B WWN (refer to attached for
our SL500 tape library / drives )
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Now that's a funny question.

Of course you should use the WWPN of the port where you plugged the fibre cable in, if you're not going to use both ports for redundancy.

I can't decide from here which port you're using, because the link status of all ports shows up as "n/a".


Well, guess I'll let the FC switch auto-detect.

Oracle told me to use Port A