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Hello there,

I have a site (call it Site 1) that has 2 seperate network environments, files need to be transfered from environment A to environment b and vice versa. I will place an FTP server on one of the environemtns so everyone can access and do the file transfers, so no issues for people based at this site.

I have another remote site (site 2) with a load of users and what I want them to do is to be able to use the FTP service mentioned above but not so that the files travel down the WAN and back up again. I can see this happening if they use their windows explorer on their XP machine to access the the ftp server remotely.

So in summary, all the files everyone use are in site 1, and all the files need to be trasnfered within environments based at site 1. The users in site 2 need to trasfer these files within site 1 but not via the WAN, obviosuly i dont want the WAN to be affected with large file transfers.How can I ensure the files stay local?

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VLANs and routing are your friends in this case. If you have a site-to-site VPN, the communications should be going down that tunnel instead of to the wider internet.

You can set up a CNAME or A record for the FTP servers to avoid having those (public) names resolve to the public IP addresses.


Thanks..sorry for delay

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