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SharePoint Transfer

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Scenario: 2 sharepoint instances (2010 version). Both to be identical. Neither is on the same network so cant communicate electronically.

So say I backup the first the SharePoint instance when its in operation and restore it to the "new" instance. From then on what is the best way to keep them in sync on a daily basis?

I dont really want to have to restore from tape everyday. Is there some sharepoint or SQL tool that can let me extract the daily chnages in the db, put it onto some media and then import into the "new" sharepoint database.

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Unfortunately, SharePoint does not have out-of-box tool for farm replication, but there are third party tools for that. There are several discussion regarding replication on EE:
Ted BouskillSenior Software Developer
Top Expert 2009

The way to achieve high availability with SharePoint is redundant hardware on one farm, not a hot standby.  Even the 3rd party tools are risky in my tests.

On the farms I've built I use network load balanced front end servers and an Active/Active SQL cluster for the back end.

The problem is you can't backup/restore the entire configuration via the databases because if you read the Microsoft literature some core configuration DB's do NOT support backup/restore via SQL.

Many people do not implement a back up plan on SharePoint properly and backup databases that cannot be restored without damaging the farm.
Daryl SirotaDirector of Technical Services

Is this for high-availability/disaster recovery?  If so, use PowerShell to script a backup of each site collection to a file, and copy that file to removable media.  Move the media to the target farm and execute a restore.

Because they are not connected, you'll have to manually move the data!  The backup can be scheduled, and while you can poll for the existence of the media on the target, you'll still have to manually insert media!

If you need help with the powershell, let me know.

This will work for content databases, not for the configuration, search, etc.  It also assumes the target is read-only, and no changes are made that can't be overwritten by the restore.


Thanks, soory for the delay.