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Join 2 lists in SharePoint 2007

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I have 2 lists.
Locations table has fields Location and ID
Inventory table has fields Location (look up from Locations), Date, Inventory, etc.

I need to create report which locations DID NOT submit inventory to the end of the month.
Is it possible to do in SharePoint Designer and how?
I can link two lists in one DataView but do not know how to do Left join there.
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CAML - in a word

You can install this feature, use the stand alone CAML query editor or learn enough CAML to type the query directly into your code


The administration of the SharePoint farm does not allow to install any of 3rd party solutions.

Then do it by hand, learning from the resources on that site.
The CAML builder just makes it easier but only in a graphical sense


I've moved to SQL view since SharePoint designer does not give me a solution. I thought somebody can suggest quick decision since my report is due yesterday.
On the site you suggested there is no free resources.
I though you cannot push your product here.
Thanks anyway
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