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I have a client that is running Microsoft Business Solution Solomon 6.0 on a Windows 2000  Server and Windows 2003 Server with SQL 2000. The client workstations have all been using Windows XP Pro and Windows 2000. They would like to upgrade to Windows 7 Professional and or Ultimate but we are not sure if it will work.
Does anyone know if there are any compatibility issues with Windows 7 Pro and Solomon 6? or if the Solomon 6 client running on a Windows 7 Professional / Ultimate workstation will have any compatibility issues with the Solomon 6 server?
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Yes definitely are. We run Solomon 7.0 on Server 2003 and have to keep the client OS on Windows XP with no higher than Office 2007 if you use the Project Server integration.

In order for clients to use Office 2010/Windows 7 we are upgrading to Solomon 2011.

Compatibility issues were so bad even if we changed only Outlook to 2010 because of shared Office files it would cause errors for users.

A workaround we applied was to create a VMware virtual so users could upgrade their laptops to the newest load and remote into the virtual for Solomon use.


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