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I have recently been tasked to maintain a website developed by someone else on a Windows box. The website is developed using java and html.

How do I test the website modules directly from the web server.

Can I run http://localhost or something like that?
Do I need to specify a port? If so, how can I figure out which one to use?

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Depends a little on how it is configured.  If it is a public web site, you should be able to use the normal web site address to get to it.  If the web site is configured to use a specific IP address, then you will have to use that because it won't respond to 'locahost'.
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It is a public website, but I thought there was a special way to view it when you're actually on the web server.
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Even if it responds to 'localhost', you will still see the same thing you see from the public access.  It is possible to configure a site to have special restricted access locally but that is not very common.

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