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I have a fairly large house with my wireless router on the second floor in the back of the house.  When I try to use my wireless devices in the garage or on the front porch, I sometimes have low signal strength issues.  I'm looking to add a 4 port switch/Wireless device in the front of the house, but would like to have the two WAP's work in conjnunction with each other.

Is this feasible with home WAP's?  I'd like some suggested hardware for the 2nd WAP.  I'm currently using a Cisco/Linksys E2000.

Thanks in advaNCE.
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Install the second Access Point so that the two are positioned close.
To allow roaming, configure all Access Points and station adapters to the same SSID.
To improve collocation and performance, configure all Access Points to different hopping sequences of the same hopping set.
Temporarily disconnect the first Access Point from the power supply. Verify radio signal reception from the first Access Point using a wireless LAN computer equipped with a wireless LAN adapter.
Disconnect the second Access Point from the power supply and reconnect the first Access Point. Again, verify radio signal reception from the second Access Point using a wireless LAN computer equipped with a wireless LAN adapter.
If necessary, adjust the distance between the Access Points so that the coverage areas overlap.
Continue setting up overlapping cells until the required area is covered.

I'm quiet sure that you checked already the following option.

A low signal strengh in the garage is last but not least a signal. There is the option to check the channels your WLAN is using and check if i. E. a other network next to yours is using the same channel. This could have a negative effect on the range of your WLAN. In this case I would switch the channel to extend the range by reducing not needed noise (dB) in your cell.

Maybe this helps without invest. :)


What I'm looking for is more of suggested hardware (Linksys, Netgear) and how to configure it (WAP, gateway).  I only need one to be a router.  The other WAP will be hardwired in to my network and provide an additional bubble of coverage, but not function as a DSL router.
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Basically any router/AP will be okay. I personally prefer TP-Link: cheap and just works.

If it's a router, use it's LAN port to connect to your LAN, disable DHCP server, and set it's WAN interface for DHCP, so it won't ever get an IP address.
If it's an AP, the default network settings might work just fine, just configure the wireless options.


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