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I am trying to delete a file, and I get access is denied on an attached drive

How can I resolve this
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Normally that means someone has it open or you do not have rights to it.
Is it on a file server?  If so check open files to see who has it open.
Little more info would help, What OS are you using? If using Win 7 on the folder that contains the file do you see a lock icon on it?
Also what kind of file is it? .exe, .bat etc.
When you do a right click on the file and select properties, you maybe able to see the button "Unblock".

If yes, you luck and you should click it.

Hope this will help you.
have you tried accessing the partition this way:

\\ip address of partition\D$  where "D" is the partition drive letter (could be any letter)

When was the last time you was able to access the drive, and were you able to delete files before this occurried?

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