Excel 2007 won't copy formulas

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Data is exported from forecasting software into Excel 07.  Once in there a formula has been created for one cell.  When it is copied and pasted into another cell it will not paste the formula on the sum of the formula.  If the + is used to drag across the formula is copied across.  

When right click paste special is tried the only options are as shown below:
 Paste Special Message
It acts like the formula is being copied from multiple spreadsheets or workbooks when it is coming from the same spreadsheet.  He is making sure the entire page is set to Automatically calculate and General format.

The spreadsheet that will not copy formulas was sent to another person and they were able to get the formulas to work on their machine.  It was sent back to him and worked on his machine after being formatted on another computer.

What could be causing this?
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Disable the Skype add-in in Firefox/IE/Chrome/Safari.

1. you should copy the cell not cell content..----
    just click ones on the cell and then copy.. then try to paste special and see if it works.

2. do you have Skype installed on system. their is some issue with that too. try uninstall skype reboot and test if it works..

Maybe the destination cell is formated as a "Text". If yes, try "General" that should work.

Hope this helps.


Skype was the problem.  Thanks


Got answers very quickly!!

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