Virtualize Nortel Symposium Web and Telephony Manager?

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My phone vendor is telling me we can't virtualize our Windows 2003 servers containing Nortel Symposium Web and another server containing Telephony Manager. I find this hard to believe considering virtulalization has been in the mainstream for a decade. I know I could do USB redirection for the USB key.

Has anyone else tried this?
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Although virtualization has been mainstream for a while, the telephony world is just now migrating in that direction.  One concern was the real-time media handling of telephony apps - careful resource assignment is needed to make sure the virtual environment does not affect performance.  Even now, with some manufacturers only part of the solution components will work in a virtual environment or only on virtual machines that they provide (as opposed to an existing  VMware or Hyperware setup).  Because of their concerns, most (including Avaya) refuse to provide any support for virtualizing any of the old products (such as those running on Windows 2003).  Especially with Symposium, I can see why - based on its role in the real-time processing of call center calls.  
I can ask my contacts at Nortel/Avaya, but not one of my clients has attempted virtualizing "on their own."
There may be a problem with the virtual network interface or virtual switch handling VOIP traffic, the only way to know for sure would be to try.
Nope, but I did try about 2 or 3 years back to virtualize MS Exchange UM, CCM and Cisco Unity before they were even supported in that mode.

Cisco stuff worked fine right off the bat. I was actually pretty surprised, but the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with UM had a very bad stuttering.

I'm with eeRoot... you won't know until you try, the good thing though is that if the virtualization fails you should still have the physical boxes to fall back on and no one would be the wiser.

Here's a link to start your journey. You may want to read up on some of the recommendations MS has for their Exchange 2010 UM for virtualization....


I contacted Avaya. They are "working" on virtualizing their Symposium and TM servers. I'm not one who needs to be on the cutting edge or doing something that isn't really supported.  Thank you JRSCGI for stating why something like Symposium wouldn't be supported in a virtualized environment.

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