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Bill Doherty
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I am running Groupwise 7.0.3
on a Netware Server 5.70.4
with Apahche 2.05.54 and Tomacat 4

After a restart yesterday we can no longer access the website internally or externally.

I can not find anything in the logs as to why it is not working and the server looks and acts like it should be.  I can ping the server, and it shows that the correct ports are open, but there is no response to http inquiries.

It has been working for years and within the last month i noticed that i could not access  the servers admin web interface iManager. (that port is now not open, but I have not had time to trouble shoot it until yesterday when I tried a restart).

Any suggestions on where to begin (again)?

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I no longer use GroupWise.  Our system was setup to start the different services and web server with a batch file.  Something like GWStart or Webstart.
If these are not set to fire automatically, it may be that the web server is just not running.  
Do you see the web server running on the console screen?
Bill DohertyNetwork Administrator


Steveoskh, Thanks for the reply. It looks as if Apache is not loading. All of the GW modules load fine as does the MYSQL services. But Apache loads stall at a screen that only says "press any button to continue" When I press a button it shuts down (or doesn't continue to load.  Yet I can not find any error in the logs.
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You're likely problem is the certificates that are defined as part of SSL on NetWare.  These hook into LDAP and if it doesn't work, Apache and Tomcat won't.  Here's what to test and then I'll follow with a fix:

1) at the system console load PKIDIAG (press enter)
2) authenticate as an admin
3) press 4 to go into Fix mode then press 0 to start the fix.
4) when the pkidiag is done it will say how many problems were found and how many were fixed.  If you start with 0 that is diagnosis mode and it won't fix anything so be sure to start with 4 then 0.

5) To see what it fixed, at the system console type edit sys:\etc\certserv\repair.log
Scroll to the bottom and then go slowly back up the file several lines to see if any certs were expired, renamed and re-created.

6) Assuming there were expired certs and they are now fixed do the following:

1) type java -exit at the system console.  Then do CTRL + ESC and choose the logger screen to confirm that you see java or jvm unloaded.  CTRL+ESC and choose system console to go back.  This unloads anything tomcat and java related so you can do the next command.

2) Go back to the console  and type unload nldap and then reload it by typing nldap.  After a moment you'll see something like NLDAPS and SASL modules load because SSL has been repaired.

3) Type tckeygen and then after pressing enter to start it, quickly switch to the logger screen again to watch for "exporting LDAP certificate and at least two occurrences of "Importing certificate...."  Assuming you see this, the problem is almost fixed.

4)  If you don't see the export, import, post back and I'll send a document for a complete repair of certificates, LDAP, tckeygen, tomcat, apache and of course GroupWise WebAccess.  The same doc works to repair iManager and anything else web related on NetWare.

5)  Assuming you see the export/import type tomcat4 to load the tomcat servlet that supports WebAccess.  Unload and reload Apache by typing ap2webdn and then ap2webup.  Confirm that you can see a correctly running and listening apache by typing CTRL + ESC and choosing Apache from the list of module screens.

6) Type stopweb to unload WebAccess.  When it is done unloading and you get your system console back (probably a minute or so) then type strtweb to start it again.

7) Go to a browser and test.

Hope this helps...

Bill DohertyNetwork Administrator


That indeed was the problem and the fix.

Thank You very much

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