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Exchange 2007 Routing Policy

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Is there anyway to route (send out) emails from an alias of the user's email account to go to a specific external domain?

Default Exchange Domain: abc.com
Second Accepted domain: 123.com

User John Smith
Default smtp: jsmith@abc.com
Alias: jsmith@123.com

If this user sends an email to let's say xxxxx@google.com
Is there any policy we can put in place so emails to this domain is sent from jsmith@123.com alias?

I know you can create a connector for exchange to send to specific domains but can you specify this connector to use specific email alias?

Thanks in advance
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There is one place where you can look to achieve wanted, but right now I can not check in details, if it is possible. Maybe there is the way to configure transport rule "if message comes from user jsmith@abc.com and it is sent to userB@google.com, then set from address to jsmith@123.com".

Exchange does not have built in option that allows users to choose different mail addresses when sending mails - it is used only primary mail address.
As workaround I'm normally using distribution group, which delivers mails to this user. The user have send as permissions defined on that distribution group, so he/she can MANUALLY choose distribution group mail address as source mail address.

Some are using choosefrom app from ivasoft: http://ivasoft.com/