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I hate drivers!

Is there a highly recommended 3rd party place to download like ANY driver without spyware or junk.  BESIDES the manufacture website.  Thanks!
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What's wrong with the manufacturer's website when looking for drivers? It's the first place I look...
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior

Commented: is pretty good and have had good successes there.  There is a warning here though, while good at detecting OEM driver updates, you may get bad results after installing an update, and your milage may vary.


How would a generic download site be able to "vet" hundreds or thousands of different drivers and make sure they're not harmful?  I always go to the mfr. site first.  Other generic sites are the last resort and they need to be approached with great caution.
For me, the only use of sites that purport to offer gazillions of drivers is if I'm looking for drivers for obsolete hardware, and then only as an absolute last resort.

I agree with IT-Monkey-Dave that such sites can be dangerous; you can end up with considerably more than you bargained for...

Another vote for the manufacturer's website as my first stop.

Not sure how up to date they keep it, but I have had pretty good luck with driverguide when that doesn't pan out (mostly with older hardware).
They have changed how you download, but you can still get the free option. You just have to jump through some hoops now.
I signed up for the free membership years ago, which is easier, but I don't get all the "bells and whistles" they have added.
Top Expert 2013

what's wrong with an application like drivereasy?  it works well :
as a further note, some manufacturers offer now automatic driver installs
Every site wants you to dowload some junk app to find out what drivers you need.
Everytime you click dowload it takes you to a junk app.
If you give up and install one of these finder/scan apps, you run it and the first thing it wants is a payment.
It used to be that you could look up the driver specifically.
Its B.S. now.

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