RAID Controller Upgrade for db server and web server

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Can anyone give me come feedback as to the benefits of upgrading a raid controller for a db server?  I have a Dell R510 with a PERC H700i 512 mb cache for a raid 10.  Looking to go to a PERC  H700A with 1 gb cache.  Will this be worth the upgrade?  This machine has a lot of i/o action unfortunately.  Also the hyperthreading does not like some of the older sp code with am in the process of cleaning up.  It runs Win 2008 with SS2008 R2.

The web server is a Dell R410 and moving from 2 1 TB SATA drives on raid 1 to 4 x 15 k 300 gb SAS drives on a raid 5.  I understand I will loose some space.  It runs vmware standard with 3 vms two win2008 web servers and one linux web server.  This server has always been slower that I expected but the vm setup appears to be very solid.

Thanks for the feedback.
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What's vmware standard ?

There's vsphere and Esxi,but I don't get standard.
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You are throwing your money away.   If you want a bump in speed, you will be MUCH better off if you keep the controller and get a pair of SMALL SSDs and let that controller mirror them .
Then use the new RAID1 for your most random I/O intensive files like index.  If you shop carefully you can find a pair for well under $200.  This new RAID1 will then cost you well under the price of another controller .. or spend a little more and get SSDs with higher capacity, and move even more random I/O intensive files to them.    Even a pair of 64GB SSDs will make a huge difference.



Can you point me to something that has more detail so I can better understand your SSD scenario?  We are talking about the db server not the web server correct?  I am not sure the existing controller would allow an addition as you describe.
What version esxi?

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